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Overview - Version 0.3.00

Created by Xperience, Inc. for use in our Open Source Projects (XIWA, SandSurfer) it is in a usable state (helper applications are not yet completed but will be in the near future) and so is being released to allow people to start trying out our projects, etc.  The PCX Portal provides management of Companies, Users and Applications.  When you login, you are presented with your desktop and from there you can select an App to work with.

A demo will be available from our server in the near future.

Note: You must use Version 0.0.11 of the Template Application to base any applications for the Portal off of as it has all support files, locations, scripts, etc. in the correct locations as the PCX Portal now requires.  It requires Version 0.3.00+ of the PCX Portal.


Perl Modules:

  • HTML Document Object 2.17+
  • DBI Wrapper 0.17+
  • DBI (1.20+)
  • DBD::Pg (1.01+) or Msql-Mysql-modules (1.2216+)
  • Apache::Session (1.54)
  • Storable Object (1.0.14+)
  • MIME::Base64 (2.12+)
  • Digest::MD5 (2.16+)
  • Crypt::CBC (2.02+)
  • Crypt::IDEA (1.01+)
  • File::Temp (0.12+)
  • XML::SAX (0.10+)
  • XML::LibXML (1.51+)
  • XML::NamespaceSupport (1.07+)
  • Date::Manip (5.40+)

Other Programs:

  • apache (1.3.14+) - Seems to work better with 1.3.22 or higher
  • perl (5.6.1, 5.8.0 or 5.8.2) - Not tested with anything higher
  • expect (5.31+)
  • PostgreSQL (7.3.x, not yet tested with 7.4.x) or MySQL (3.23.x)
  • libxml2 (2.4.22+)

DBI, DBD, Msql-Mysql-modules, Apache::Session, Storable Object, MIME-Base64, Digest::MD5, Crypt::CBC, Crypt::IDEA, File::Temp, XML::SAX, XML::NamespaceSupport and XML::LibXML can be gotten from CPAN.

We do have debian .deb packages built here but ask that you only download from our server after business hours (Central Time). Any debs that are built for the CPAN modules which we don't create are not supported by us. They are only provided as a convenience.


Installation instructions are here.


The versioning scheme is as follows: X.Y.Z where X = Major number, Y = Database Version number (changes anytime the database is modified), and Z = code changes in a major / database version period.  Ex. 0.0.09 was the 9th code change in version 0 of the database while 0.1.00 is the first code change in version 1 of the database.  This does not mean that you have a stable version or that all functionality is implemented, it just means that all changes to the database should be done for this version of the software.

File Layout
JavaScript Files
ColorScheme Entries
Portal Config Entries
App Porting Guidelines
Object Oriented Modifications
Portal Reserved Module Names


PCX Portal Changelog


  • Template - base your Portal Applications off this program
  • SystemAdmin - will provide a systems administrator access to everything in the system
  • CompanyAdmin - will provide a company administrator access to everything in their company
  • UserProperties - allows a user to modify their Password, preferences, etc.


All files are now gpg signed by james@pcxperience.com. You can get the gpg key here.