JavaScript modules in the Portal

Cookie Support via cookies.js
    Methods provided:
        createCookie(name, value, days)
            sets cookie with name=value and days time to live.  If you don't specify days, then it is only set for the duration of the session.
            returns the value for the cookie named by name or null if not found.
            deletes the cookie named by name.

Browser Capabilities Detection via browser_capabilities.js
    Uses the cookies.js module, but assumes it has already been imported.
    Creates a string (options) that represents all the browser capabilities we are checking for in a | (pipe) seperated string.

    Methods provided:
            sets the cookie pcx_browser_cap with the string of options detected and then submits the browserCapForm form.

Calendar Picker via calendar.html
    This provides a popup calendar that allows the user to select a date.

    See Portal::Methods generatePickerCode() method, type = 'calendar'.

Color Picker via color_picker.html
    This provides a popup color picker that provides for selecting from a very large range of colors.  Unfortunately, not all colors are represented, but a smaller bar at the bottom provides most of the colors I tend to use and are not in the larger selection.  You can also specify the special css attributes transparent, inherit and !important.

    See Portal::Methods generatePickerCode() method, type = 'color'.

Form Methods via form_methods.js
    Include using the Portal::Methods includeCoreJSFiles() method.

       selectAll()  - selects all items in a multi-select select box.
       unSelectAll() - unselects all items in a multi-select select box.
       getTimeStamp() - returns the current timestamp.  mainly used for naming new popup windows.