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PCX Portal - Installation Instructions


Download and install all packages listed on the main page under the Requirements section.  If you are using debs, then try and use debs for all packages possible. Goto Xperience, Inc.'s .org site for instructions on the sources.list entry to use.

Actual installation steps:

Install the PCX Portal package (either from deb or tarball).
For hints look at the README file.

Setup the portal.  Run /usr/lib/pcx_portal/

Create the databases.
Note: If using PostgreSQL and database sessions, you must be using PostgreSQL 7.1 or greater.
Run /usr/lib/pcx_portal/

Common questions are:

Now create the default company and administrative user in the portal by running /usr/lib/pcx_portal/
Common questions are:

Now import the colorSchemes that are defined for the Portal by running /usr/lib/pcx_portal/ --appname Portal.

The following scripts will go away when portal apps are implemented to do the required functionality:
If you need to add other users then run /usr/lib/pcx_portal/
If you need to add other companies then run /usr/lib/pcx_portal/


The PCX Portal should now be installed and usable.  Try going to the server you defined when configuring the Portal via  It usually is http(s)://servername/portal/.

If you have any problems/questions please use the help forums on the SF Project page.

Installing Applications into the Portal:

Install the application (either from deb or tarball).
Run /usr/lib/pcx_portal/application/ to configure the application.
Run /usr/lib/pcx_portal/application/ to install the application into the Portal.

Run /usr/lib/pcx_portal/ --appname application to install any ColorScheme entries for that application.

Read any README or INSTALL files that the application provides to see if there are any other steps required (ex. creating databases, etc.)